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YEAR OF 2020


How has the pandemic affected society?

What will change in the future?


          The year 2020 is an unprecedented period of transition and upheaval. It will be remembered as a time of fear and uncertainty world-wide. Each person has been affected differently and we all had to cope and adapt to the new normal. The hope is things will go back to the way they used to be, but nobody knows.


          This year has felt as if everything was flipped upside-down and the world was untethered. We were forced to accept the new reality and figure out how to survive this suspended reality. We must accept this new perspective in order to progress and appreciate the simple things. Awakened with a fresh perspective, we can approach this time as an opportunity, not a problem.


David Chipperfield, Blade Runner 2049, James Turrell

Design and Visualizations

by Eric Reid

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